Sunday, 12 August 2012

Arcade UK's YouTube Channel

The blog's only four posts in, and already, coverage of my rubber-keyed chum (the ZX Spectrum) takes up 50% of all subject matter! It's time to fix that, so here's something that may interest the arcade gamers and collectors out there.

Over the years you've probably stumbled into an amusement arcade only to see a game switched off, or quite possibly left on, but displaying complete rubbish on screen. It's obvious that the game's not happy, but what's gone wrong with it, and more importantly, how does someone go about fixing them?

Well, like a magician who reveals some of his best tricks, arcade collector Luke Wells has his very own YouTube channel which attempts to show just what can go wrong with arcade games and how he goes about fixing them.

Arcade UK is Luke's little corner of the popular video sharing web site, and it features numerous short PCB (printed circuit board) repair videos that have been put together in a light hearted and informative way.

Each video starts off with Luke explaining a little bit about the game he's going to fix, a short demonstration of the problem showing itself, some details relating to his troubleshooting investigation, and then a final wrap-up where we're shown the game up and running and back to its former glory.

Each video runs on average for 3 or 4 minutes, so they work brilliantly as bite-sized snippets of viewing. Not only are they enjoyable to watch, but you may learn something, too.

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