Monday, 13 August 2012

The (C64) Music of Tim Follin

Throughout the 80s I was a proud Spectrum owner, and apart from an occasional play on a C64 owned by a friend, the lovable breadbin pretty much passed me by.

Towards the latter part of 1990 my parents house was burgled, and my Spectrum, along with a good proportion of the games I'd amassed over the previous years went West. Thankfully, not only did the people who broke in receive a six year prison sentence (they'd broken in to around 40 houses) the insurance payout gave me the chance to move over to the Amiga.

It's on Commodore's 16-bit machine where I enjoyed the output of a certain Tim Follin, and I rank his Ghouls 'n' Ghosts music as some of the very best the platform has to offer.

I was fully aware that Tim cut his musical teeth on the Commodore 64, and so, enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon I trawled YouTube for some examples of his output.

Some of the best uploads relating to Tim's work have been put together by YouTube user DarkgreenOrange, who's compiled a set of four videos containing some of his best work.

The uploads cover a whopping 20 tracks, and run for over 40 minutes. Not only that, but the sound quality is excellent, and the tracks have been indexed, so you can skip along to your favourite tunes with ease.

Part 1/4 Running time 10:24
- Gauntlet III-1
- Bionic Commando-6 (Stage 2)
- Ghouls n Ghosts-8
- Ghouls n Ghosts-11
- Gauntlet III-2

Part 2/4 Running time 10:54
- Raw Recruit-1 (Game Music)
- Bionic Commando-5 (Stage 1)
- Ghouls n Ghosts-10
- Bodyslam-1 (Game Music)
- Agent X II-1

Part 3/4 Running time 10:35
- Black Lamp-1 (Game Music)
- Qix-11
- Bodyslam-2 (Title Music)
- Bionic Commando-8 (Stage 4)
- Agent X II-5

Part 4/4 Running time 10:14
- Sofware Creations Music Demo-25 (Wierd 2)
- Bionic Commando-1 (Title Tune)
- Black Lamp-2
- Ghouls n Ghosts-1
- Bionic Commando-10 (Game Complete)

The above collection of tunes has shown me just what I've missed out over the years, and I'm now hoping to add a C64 to the collection before too long.

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